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Amphibico is proud to announce its new addition to a super compact line of underwater cinema camera housings.  The first Pocket Buddy will house, The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera .  Given this camera's large Super 16 size sensor and its super wide dynamic range of 13 stops it will truly create a cinematic film look to your  underwater imaging.  This incredibly compact, highly modular camera uses an active Micro Four Thirds lens mount which allows use of commonly available and an excellent range of low cost Micro Four Thirds lenses from Olympus, Panasonic and Sigma.  With full electronic control of the lens, you can simply point and set your Iris (aperture) and focus on the fly.  Its ability to record high quality ProRes 422(HQ) and CinemaDNG RAW file formats in full HD 1920 x 1080 make's it just to perfection.

The housing, is built with the same high quality solid aluminum construction as our previous pro line of housings, no compromise was taken to create the New Pocket Buddy ® line from Amphibico. Keeping in mind total ergonomics and underwater balance, its super compact design system makes the unit extremely user friendly underwater. Our engineers worked very diligently on its design, keeping in mind size, weight, balance allowing easy and complete access to all key camcorder functions, it will give users the ability to create the best possible underwater imaging. 


For Sony HDR CX710/730/740/760 HD camcorders
With the ever popular HD WAVE® housing, which has brought ease of use, top performance and above all pleasure for underwater recreational divers for the past 4 years, the new HD WAVE for the Sony® HDR-CX/PJ710,730,740 & 760 High Definition camcorders is no exception. A new compact housing, weighing in at only 7 lbs it's one of our smallest and lightest aluminum housing ever, great for easy travel....
Built with the same high quality solid aluminum construction as our digital SLR housings, no compromise was taken to create the New HD-WAVE Video Housing. Keeping in mind total ergonomics and underwater balance, its compact design makes the unit extremely user friendly. Our engineers worked very hard on its design, giving a 30° viewing angle on the large 3" side LCD viewfinder for optimal filming capabilities. Giving access to most all key camcorder functions, including the critical Manual White balance function; it will give users the ability to create the best possible HD video underwater.
Solid Construction
Precision machined from a solid block of marine grade aluminum giving endless durability. Black anodized for corrosion protection and a final layer of tuff textured military grade polyurethane powder coat paint for the outmost durability in harsh sea water.

Our new Stable-Wide comfort grip system will give the user the most stable underwater balance for optimal solid filming.
30°Angled Large 3” LCD Viewfinder
A first in the industry to implement this design for optimal viewing position & filming underwater.

Reliable all- Mechanical Controls
Ergonomically positioned controls for easy access to most all key camcorders functions, including Manual White Balance control.

Full Camcorder Control
Using the Sony remote commander in the housing will allow full use of camcorder controls underwater

Retail $2595 US (including wide angle port)


•Marine grade solid aluminum
• Fully anodized with a hard coat of polyurethane paint
•All hardware is marine grade aluminum & stainless steel

•Record/ Standby
•Zoom Telephoto / Zoom Wide
•Manual Control Knobs to access Focus, Exposure, AE Shift & WB Shift

•Flip filter Arm with UR Pro blue water color correction filter
•Sensitive Hydrophone to capture clear underwater sound
•Water sensor alarm with blinking LED
•Bayonet Mounted Lens System
•Auxiliary port

•Wide angle port: (INCLUDED AS STANDARD LENS with housing) A good all around performance lens giving about 90°FOV with full zoom through capability.
•WAFP0011 Flat port > Retail $250US
•OAURPG02 UR PRO Green Water Filter > Retail $85US
•ORRKT0004 O-Ring Re-built Kit > Retail $65US
•WASH0003 HD WAVE LCD Sun Shade > Retail $45US

•APPROX> 8" D x 5.8" H x 10.5" W (14.5"with handles)
•APPROX> 20cm D x 14.7cm H x 26.6cm W (37cm with handles)

•On land 7 lbs (2.72Kg) fully loaded w/camera battery and lens.
•In seawater slightly negative buoyancy
•Operating Depth: 300 feet / 90 meters

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera housing.